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Clint Evans

Clint is a leader in and consultant to professional services firms. A former CEO of mid-market law firm BLG. He also held roles as Director of Brand and Talent at RPC; Partner of the Møller PSF Group at Cambridge University; Director at Henley Business School and with Clifford Chance; BDO, Deloittes; and Unilever. Formerly a management consultant and Chartered Accountant, Clint’s professional passion is directing and advising firms to develop and make the most of their intangible assets from the more obvious – strategy; brand; talent; reputation; client relationships; value propositions; and operational processes, to the more ethereal such as values, culture, and purpose. Outside of the world of professions, Clint is best known for being in the first GB crew to win the Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race in 2006. He has an MA in Creative Writing as well as copywriting for several of the UK’s major consulting firms in addition to other brands.

Areas of expertise: Management of Intangible assets, Strategy Development, Brand and Reputation Management, Talent Engagement, Marketing and Relationship Management, Sales, Communications, Profit Optimisation, Business Modelling, Adult Education, Management Training, Organisational Culture and Values, Performance Management and Measurement, Decision Making and Risk Management, Professional Services, Legal Sector.


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Steve Bynghall

Steve is a London-based writer and independent consultant specialising in collaboration, intranets, knowledge management and related digital themes. Before going freelance, Steve worked for global accountancy firm BDO in a variety of knowledge roles for over a decade, including managing a global client extranet programme. Steve has both successfully consulted with, and written extensively for, numerous clients including global brands, professional services firms and various software vendors and consultancies. Steve’s written output includes numerous articles, blog posts, reports, book contributions and white papers, both attributed and ghost-written. In addition to writing about for a number of consultancies and vendors on his areas of expertise, Steve has also written the text for several movie tie-in books aimed at children for publisher Dorling Kindersley.

Areas of expertise: Writing, Intranets, digital communications, internal communications, digital engagement, employee engagement, digital workplace, online collaboration, knowledge management, crowdsourcing, HR tech, chatbots, search, gamification, Office 365, Yammer, SharePoint, general digital themes, information services, information management, digital transformation, Workplace by Facebook, enterprise mobility, mobile apps, content management systems.



Pete Thirlby

Pete is an independent consultant with a background in solution architecture centered on the real estate, sustainability and legal markets. In a career that spans 4 decades, Peter has worked for software vendors, global real estate consultants and systems integrators. Since 2011 Peter has worked in a consultancy role for Legal, Real Estate and Sustainability consultants on a variety of assignments including IT strategy definition, vendor selection, and solution implementation and acting as a solution and technical architect for a SaaS product for the real estate industry.

Since founding mobileRE in 2011 Peter has extended his expertise in commercial software package solutions to mobile and SaaS. Currently, he is working on projects that use predictive analytics technology to optimise energy consumption in the commercial real estate sector.

Areas of expertise: Application development, agile projects, database technologies, SaaS, n-tier apps, BI tools, Solution architecture, real estate, legal, professional services, CRM, Intranets, corporate IT strategy



Lesley Moore

With a career based in research, analysis and consulting, Lesley started her career in the public library sector where she ultimately led a team of 25 people. She then moved into the corporate sector, specifically into strategy consulting. She developed her research, writing and presentation skills by working with clients across a variety of sectors. She then set up and developed an information service for KPMG’s UK consulting firm and corporate finance division, providing in-depth analysis, research reports and other information products. After her MBA, Lesley returned to KPMG to work directly for the CEO of KPMG, initialising change management projects, implementing new strategies and becoming part of the development of the knowledge management function.

In 1999, Lesley set up her own consulting business focusing on knowledge management, information analysis and team development. She delivered many projects involving information analysis, strategy development, service evaluation and knowledge management assessments.

During this time, Lesley wrote and delivered many training courses, conference papers and talks, seminars and a book about online research.

Since her move to Ireland in 2012, Lesley has developed her business to work with a variety of SMEs delivering consulting and training programmes to helping Irish companies to understand and deploy digital strategies by using social media, writing blogs, using digital marketing tools and e-commerce platforms to transform the way they do business. She is also writing a book about doing business in Ireland.

Areas of expertise/writing: digital marketing, social media, e-commerce, information services structure/development, knowledge management, service marketing, information management, team development, records management, SEO, Google Adwords, digital branding, coaching and mentoring, blog writing.


Andrew Clements

Andrew Clements

Andrew is the CEO and Founder of Edease. An Entrepreneur with 10 years experience in the Apprenticeship, corporate education and education technology sectors. Trained solicitor, ran the Apprenticeship programme for Ford of Europe and then the London Mayors office. Whilst at Ford Andrew could see the issues around the Apprenticeships and Graduate programmes which didn’t provide effective skills assessment nor able to exploit a diverse and bigger talent pool.  This led Andrew to build a new business – Edease to provide an open environment to bridge the skills gap between Education and the “world of work”.

Areas of expertise: Automotive sector, Start-ups, Apprenticeships, Talent development, Recruitment, Educational technologies, Skills learning.



 Eddie Short

Senior Partner/Managing Director with over 25 years’ experience leading Data and Analytics business across a range of sectors. A globally recognised expert in the area of Analytics, and Digital working at an executive level, who has a successful track record of large scale transformational change. Proven record of building teams (100 – 1000+) and businesses on an international scale from Digital, Data & Analytics capabilities, connecting technical skills to client business outcomes. He has been a consistent successful global leader for over 15 years, developing markets and opportunities that others have followed. Key areas of insight include Digital, Data and Analytics. Eddie is an executive leader in consulting with a consistent track record, employing this experience to develop global business and deliver step change value with clients. Has identified and developed new technology and processes as Chief Data Officer and Chief Digital Officer. Eddie has worked on major transformational change programmes overseeing management and delivery of £100mn+ business change and IT projects.

Areas of expertise: Data and Analytics, Supply chain ecosystems, Data centres, Business transformation, Business change through IT.


John Downing

 John Downing

With over 20 years proven IT experience in Global Banking and Insurance organisations John has built up a wealth of operational delivery experience leading both major change programmes and operations. His client advisory & delivery services are provided in Outsourcing, Supplier Governance & Compliance and Organisational Change particularly within regulated operational environments.
John has worked on many major & specialist outsourcing programmes from RFP stage through contract negotiations, and ultimately into operational delivery and governance. He has offered these services from both the supply and buy side giving him in-depth insights & perspective from both sides of the supply chain. As a graduate in Mechanical engineering he has the background and training required to write and inform audiences in a precise and analytical style.
John is an influential and versatile writer who combines commercial, analytical and practical management skills in all aspects of IT Management. He writes in a style that cuts through jargon and impresses readers with a grounded style that delivers the message unambiguously and concisely.

Areas of expertise: IT services; Outsourcing; IT in Financial Services; Supplier Governance & relationship management; Supplier governance & compliance (SYSC8)


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John Saunders

Doctor John Saunders is an experienced IT and business professional with over 40 years strong experience providing services to customers in Banking, Card Payments, Media, Professional Services, large scale Commercial and Accident & Health Insurance.

He is a senior executive with board experience across a number of sectors with the more significant parts of his career spent within global financial services. John is extremely versatile having managed business operations and marketing functions  to add to his information technology skills. He is an accomplished public speaker, a strategist and an experienced white paper author.

Areas of expertise: White paper writing, Bid advisory, Bid development, IT services, IT strategy, IT management,  Data Analytics, Data Centres, IT infrastructure, GDPR, Information Security, IT for financial services, Marketing development, Operational management, Professional Services.


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Andrew Woolfson

Andrew Woolfson a Visiting Professor of Professional Services, Research and Enterprise has 30 years’ experience working in senior information, IT and knowledge management roles.

Andrew was until recently the Director of Knowledge Management & Capability for 7 years at RPC , the legal services business. Previously, Andrew has been Global Director for IT & Knowledge at BDO International and BDO UK’s Knowledge Director. His work with RPC saw the exploitation of legal automation tools, using basic yet commercially powerful artificial intelligence for contract management, drafting and eDiscovery.

Prior to RPC and BDO Andrew has worked in a variety of information and knowledge roles for KPMG, Reuters, Shell and Oxford Analytica. Andrew’s career to date has tracked and to an extent led the rise of KM as a key aspect to the way organisations mobilise their experience, capabilities and knowledge. Currently Andrew is a Board member for an AI related start-up in teenager digital coaching and a Non-Exec Director for a youth recruitment business, developing the use of AI & sentiment analysis as well as writing and specialising in researching into artificial intelligence.

Areas of expertise: Knowledge strategy, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Digital transformation, Legal technologies, Strategic HR, IT strategy, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Content Management, Data Protection and GDPR, Professional Services, Innovation and Collaboration strategies, Article writing, Research, Programme management.