We’re not fresh-faced millennial’s based in a minimalist co-working space near Old Street (though we are envious of those that are).  If we were, then we would not be setting up Write a White Paper. What we are is two very experienced industry practitioners, with a combined six decades of experience working in IT and Knowledge Management . Our experience has allowed us to build up an enviable database of authors and contacts like us. People with real experience that can combine insight, clients communications and an ability to write well.

And we’re on a mission to bring a bit of intelligence back to whitepapers and content marketing. Meet John Saunders and Andrew Woolfson. 

John Saunders_edit

Doctor John Saunders is an experienced IT and business professional with over 40 years strong experience providing services to customers in Banking, Card Payments, Media, Professional Services, large scale Commercial and Accident & Health Insurance.

He is a senior executive with board experience across a number of sectors with the more significant parts of his career spent within global financial services. John is extremely versatile having managed business operations and marketing functions  to add to his information technology skills.

His specialist areas are Data & Information Security; IT Infrastructure & Technologies ; IT Governance & Risk Controls and IT Transformation.He is an accomplished public speaker, a strategist and an experienced white paper author and researcher.


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Professor Andrew Woolfson a Visiting Professor of Professional Services, Research and Enterprise has over 25 years’ experience working in senior information, IT and knowledge management roles. Andrew was until recently the Director of Knowledge Management & Capability at RPC, the legal services business. Previously, Andrew has been Global Director for IT & Knowledge at BDO International and BDO UK’s Knowledge Director. Prior to RPC and BDO Andrew has worked in a variety of information and knowledge roles for KPMG, Reuters, Shell and Oxford Analytica. Andrew’s career to date has tracked and to an extent led the rise of KM as a key aspect to the way organisations mobilise their experience, capabilities and knowledge. Currently he is also supporting two AI related start-ups in teenager digital coaching and youth recruitment.