Your whitepapers are designed for you with the reader in mind and focused by your commercial needs. Each whitepaper will be straightforward, demonstrating the main points and insights to your product and or service.

The whitepaper will usually have an initial image and headline, contents page and summary, followed by the main content (which includes diagrams and other media to suit the content and message). At the end there will be space to add in your contact and follow-up details for customers.

Our experiences have taught us that the white papers must demonstrate the type of organisation that you are. Every firm wants to transparently illustrate it’s uniqueness and to many this is embodied in the marketing and communications to clients. Language and terminology are so important and we spend time up front understanding how you want to portray your firm, products and people so we get the right messages across. Once we have that base-lined we match our author to your requirement. Once that match is found we do everything we can to keep the relationship between you and our authors as sticky as possible.