First off contact us to talk through what you want to achieve. We are happy to assist you with some basic support on how to structure your whitepaper as well as taking it further into the process of contracting with us. Our aim is to digitally enable our process where we can so we make extensive use of video conferencing to collaborate with you at times that suit you best. We want you to get the best results and if you don’t need us this time, we’ll ask your permission to retain you as a business relationship, as you might use us in the future. Regardless we’ll follow-up and provide a summary of advice or the next steps in creating and writing a whitepaper for you.

We’ll then with your agreement discuss the scope of the whitepaper; whether its related to a specific product or service or whether its topic related. We’ll get enough understanding to create an initial scope, specification, timeline and price. In the significant majority of cases this will be at our standard fixed price of £1,500. Once you have agreed to the specification we provide to you a follow-up engagement plan that will be emailed to you. There’s still no commitment at this stage, but we hope that you’ll like the way we operate and reach the commitment stage. To deliver at speed all our discussions and collaboration with you are digital. We email to you and hold our discussions as on-line video and audio conferences. If you wish we will meet you at your offices though we do find that once the relationship is established this is not the best way to deliver at speed

The next stage is where we appoint an author. They’ll contact you to find out more about your needs and information you already have, or whether more external research is required whether from us or yourselves. If necessary the scope and pricing might need to be modified. The author will work with you long enough to create a synopsis and its at this stage you will be asked to commit 50% of the total costs to the project. If you decide not to proceed then that’s understood, if you do go ahead then we’ll contract with you to progress on mutually commercial terms.

The author will receive from you the information as agreed, and the writing process will start. You’ll be kept up to date as it progresses using whatever means are suitable for you from Google docs to Slack , via video conference or by straightforward email & phone. We’ll keep all your information secure and private. Only those people you nominate and authorise will have access to the whitepaper as its going through its creation stage. Our authors are supported by reviewers and proof readers ensuring a high quality return to you

The final stage in the process is to get the finished whitepaper over to you for a personal review. Once any edits you have discussed with us are undertaken then we’ll save it as completed. The final document is sent onto you once you provide us with the remaining 50% of the fee. We will follow-up to see whether the whitepaper process has met with your approval and at a later date assess how its worked as part of your strategy. We want to be a part of your success story and would love to add to it by adding you to our library of successful case studies