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Why White Papers? 

The typical definition of a White Paper is as a sales and marketing document to help clients to learn more about your product, service, a technology or methodology. However this isn’t enough for us. Its essential the White paper easily delivers the insights and message required, without confusing or wasting the time of the audience. The essential difference we offer is the expertise of our authors. Our authors are always industry experts  with decades of experience, customer focused and highly literate.

Why Write A White Paper? 

Write A White Paper (WAWP) was formed because both founders thought that writing whitepapers should be more straightforward and much easier to resource.  All it needs is time, focus, understanding and resourcing of expert authors with the ability to write precisely, engaging the readers attention.

WAWP.co.uk (Write a White Paper) offer something very different. We are formed by expractitioners with many years expertise in our specialist domains. Having satisfied many of our life and career objectives, we decided to set up a new company where we use that expertise to write for firms requiring a dependable external pool of talented writers. We maintain our relevance and thought leadership by writing our own opinion pieces and performing client editorial services and ad-hoc consulting engagements.
So some difference from the norm already; but where WAWP has an additional edge is in
our disruptive pricing. Our writing pool is assembled from accomplished professionals
people who are motivated to write just because they want to rather than because they have to. With our writers the thrill of writing and publishing a great white paper, POV, business research or a thought leadership/opinion means more than getting paid for it. Our customers benefit commercially from this mindset. We are not averse to risk either, again that’s because we can be and we are experienced at taking on commercial risk where rewards make sense.

Our Gallery shows examples of previous White Papers written by us and our authors. The White Paper content is all ours, graphics and illustrations are in most cases provided by our clients. We also offer some papers under Creative Commons License (CCL). These papers may be reused or republished within the terms of CCL. All you need is our permission to use and attribute appropriately. Please contact us if any of the CCL documents in our Gallery are of interest to you.